The Sunblind has stopped to be an exclusively ornamental article to become a necessary component in the housing, office, local of business, garden or terrace and all those areas that you/they want to be preserved of the excess of light and heat.

Right point

It is the system but classic, ideal to protect from the sun to windows and small balconies. It has a front subjection to the roof and he/she notices on the two lateral walls by means of two arms of tension that it goes from the end of the canvas to the anchorage tips in the wall.



It is an appropriate model for facades with terrace. It is provided of a horizontal bar in the inferior end of the canvas that is held in the roof and it slips toward the handrail, being held this with some folding arms of aluminum.


Vertical Windbreaks

They are ideal to protect a space of the inclemencies of the wind. It settles in vertical to the hole that it wants to cover. You can allow to pass light incorporating windows in canvas plasticized to the main canvas.

Invisible arms

It is at the present time the demanded sunblind. Their system of arms in aluminum, they remain hidden under the awning so much deployed as folding, favoring the circular power under him without any obstacle.



It is an ideal sunblind to create spaces of authentic comfort in terraces and gardens. They are big horizontal sunblinds that spread on a metallic structure fixed to the facade or the floor. With their three installation options: to wall, arbor and among walls, the plane sunblind Horizont becomes the pattern for more versatile, resistant and elegant exterior. This product has two versions, being able to be motorized or manual.