The Coffers are the sunblinds that better they combine technology with design. The system Coffer contributes a total autoprotection capacity and a perfect state of conservation of the mechanisms and the canvas, what makes them enjoy a high level of quality and of useful life of the sunblins.
Inside the sunblinds Coffers, the Model Storbox, Microbox and Maxibox highlight.


With their simplicity of lines, the Storbox is integrated perfectly in the environment, giving a new sense to the elegance. Its technique of having picked up maintains safe of the atmospheric agents to each one of the components of the sunblinding.


It is a very discreet Coffer that adapts perfectly to all type of windows and reduced spaces. Thanks to their elegance and functionality, it gets the perfect integration between facade and sunblinding. Their installation can be front, to roof or wall and with possibility of internal, external or motorized working.


It is the only model able to cover big dimensions. Their particular support system allows the incursion of so many arms like it is required. One of the main advantages of this sunblinding, is their condition of Coffer, their high autoprotection level in front of the atmospheric agents, conserving in good conditions the mechanism and the canvas.